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Today's English Learnings 20170220

Posted on Feb 21, 2017


Word Definitions

  • cost
    • to have a particular price
  • less
  • fair
    • many shops
  • trolley
    • something which does not cost a lot
  • change
    • the money you get back when you have paid for something with more money than it costs
  • basic necessity
    • something that you need to have in order to live
  • groceries
    • food and other goods that are sold by a grocer or a supermarket
  • cashier
    • someone whose job is to receive or pay out money in a shop
  • cheap
    • not at all expensive, or lower in price than you expected
    • something which does not cost a lot
  • guilty
    • having done something that is a crime
  • accomplish
    • to succeed in doing something, especially after trying very hard
  • fidelity
    • how much a film, a piece of written work etc remains unchanged from an earlier piece of work, or the facts that are known
  • resolution
    • a promise to yourself to do something
    • New Year resolution
  • resolution
    • a measurement of the number of PIXELs a computer screen can show. The measurement, called DPI, is the number of dots over an inch of the screen. Screens with high resolution (=lots of dots) are clearer than those with low resolution
  • methodology
    • the set of methods and principles that you use when studying a particular subject or doing a particular kind of work
  • applicable
    • if something is applicable to a particular person, group, or situation, it affects them or is related to them
  • adopt
    • to use a particular style of speaking, writing, or behaving, especially one that you do not usually use
  • convince
    • to make someone feel certain that something is true
  • hand over
    • to give someone power or responsibility over something which you used to be in charge of

Practical Words

  • He’s nuts about ~
    • 〜に夢中
  • He’s nuts
    • 彼は気が狂ってる
  • That’s nuts
    • くらだねー
  • She’s not sure ~
    • 確信もててない
  • get assigned to a project
    • プロジェクトにアサインされる
  • alphabet soup
    • 官庁とかの略語(CIAとか)
  • get on the same page with ~
    • 〜と認識を合わせる、的な
  • I didn’t realize
    • 気づかなかった
  • physical details
  • sweet spot
    • ちょうどいいところ