Today's English Learnings 20170222

Posted on Feb 22, 2017


Word Definitions

  • facilitate
    • to make it easier for a process or activity to happen
  • especially
    • used to emphasize that something is more important or happens more with one particular thing than with others
  • be tantamount to something
    • if an action, suggestion, plan etc is tantamount to something bad, it has the same effect or is almost as bad
  • thereby
    • with the result that something else happens
  • liberate
    • to free someone from feelings or conditions that make their life unhappy or difficult
  • mimic
    • a person or animal that is good at copying the movements, sound, or appearance of someone or something else
  • doable
    • able to be done or completed
  • somehow
    • in some way, or by some means, although you do not know how
  • tricky
    • something that is tricky is difficult to deal with or do because it is complicated and full of problems
  • even though
    • used to emphasize that something is true although something else has happened or is true
  • feasibility
    • a plan, idea, or method that is feasible is possible and is likely to work
  • sleeve
    • the part of a piece of clothing that covers all or part of your arm

Practical Words

  • former collegue
  • old co-worker
  • lame
    • ださい
  • closed enough
    • じゅうぶん近い
  • earlier
    • さっき
  • Do you have Qiita?
    • Qiitaの記事みれる?
  • cheapo
    • ケチ