Today's English Learnings 20170301

Posted on Mar 1, 2017


Word Definitions

  • logistics
    • the practical arrangements that are needed in order to make a plan that involves a lot of people and equipment successful
  • ideally
    • used to describe the way you would like things to be, even though this may not be possible
  • differentiation
    • the process of showing or seeing that one thing is different from something else
  • obsolete
    • no longer useful, because something newer and better has been invented
  • ordinary
    • average, common, or usual, not different or special

Practical Words

  • sort of
    • kind ofみたいな感じ
  • halh-way through the week
    • 週の半分
  • I’ve been there
    • そこに行ったことがある => それ経験したことある => それめっちゃわかる