GCP updates | June 6, 2018

Posted on Jun 8, 2018


nownab.log | GCP updates | June 6, 2018


Regional Persistent Disks for Google Kubernetes Engine

Now in beta, Regional Persistent Disks replicate data between two zones in one region, enabling high availability for stateful workloads. In the event of a zonal outage, failover is automatically handled by the other zone.



Self-managed encryption keys with GCE and Cloud KMS

This beta launch allows customers to use Cloud Key Management Service to protect Google Compute Engine resources, such as disks, images, and snapshots.

β機能として、Cloud Key ManagementサービスでCompute Engineのディスクやイメージ、スナップショットのようなリソースを保護できます。

Support for TLS certificates on GKE Ingress This beta release adds support for TLS certificates on GKE Ingress.



New regional clusters for Kubernetes Engine

Users can now get 99.95% uptime and improve their clusters’ availability by creating regional clusters. Unlike other cluster types, regional clusters create three cluster masters across three zones within a region.



Storage & Databases

Faster Cloud SQL SSL certificate rotation

Users can now rotate SSL certificates used to connect to their Cloud SQL instances with no downtime.

ダウンタイム無しでCloud SQLインスタンスに接続するためのSSL証明書をローテートできます。