GCP updates | September 17, 2018

Posted on Sep 18, 2018


Google Cloud Platform arrives in the Nordics with a new region in Finland

The Finland GCP region, europe-north1, is the first Nordic cloud region from a major public cloud provider. Hosting applications in the new region can reduce latency by up to 65% for end users in the Nordics, and by up to 88% for end users in Eastern Europe, compared to hosting them in what was previously the closest region. Blog


Additional releases


PHP 7.2 runtime for App Engine standard environment: beta

This launch enables you to create applications in App Engine standard environment using PHP 7.2. Documentation | Blog


Compute Engine simulated maintenance events: GA

Simulated maintenance events let you test the impact of a live migration on any VM instance. You can also test or validate automations built to react to live migration advance notices, or live migration events themselves, as well as terminate and restart events for VM instances configured to be excluded from live migration. Documentation



The NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU is a powerful processing tool for machine learning training and inference workloads. Each chip has 640 tensor cores and offers up to 125 teraflops of mixed-precision ML performance. This means that you can get up to a petaflop of ML performance in a single virtual machine. Blog](https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/compute/tesla-v100-gpus-are-now-generally-available)


Cloud Endpoints Portal: GA

Use Cloud Endpoints to manage your APIs and publish documentation for your team with a single click in the GCP Console. After that, any API that gets pushed to your GCP project through the gcloud command-line tool will be automatically updated with SmartDocs. Documentation | Blog


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Cloud Machine Learning Engine developer forum: GA

With the Cloud ML Engine developer forum, you can access experimental features, get help from other developers, and shape Cloud ML Engine to meet your needs. Documentation | Forum


Cloud ML Engine training with GPUs: GA and beta

Additional support for NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs in beta and NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs now GA for Cloud ML Engine training is available. With GPUs, you can train deep learning models in hours rather than days. Documentation


Cloud ML Engine online prediction price reduction: GA

The price of Cloud ML Engine online prediction has been reduced to US$0.056–$0.071 per node hour from US$0.300–$0.348 per node hour. Pricing | Documentation