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GCP updates | October 15, 2018

Posted on Oct 30, 2018

見逃してた 😎


Cloud Bigtable added to australia-southeast1 region: GA

Cloud Bigtable is now available in the australia-southeast1 (Sydney, Australia) region. Product page


Cloud Tasks: beta

Make apps more responsive for your users, allow apps to scale independently, and make your infrastructure more resilient with Cloud Tasks, an asynchronous task-execution service that lets you decouple services and offload long-running background tasks. Documentation | Blog

ちょい前からあったやつがベータになったってことかな? 任意の場所からHTTPでCloud Tasksにタスクを積んで、App Engineで処理するというやつ。


Google Data Studio: GA

Visualize and explore data in dashboards or reports, easily share insights, and collaborate in real time with Data Studio, a business intelligence platform that lets you access and analyze data from Google Cloud, Google Marketing Platform, and over 500 other data sources. Blog

Cloud Dataprep: GA

Explore, clean, and enrich data with Cloud Dataprep, a fully managed data preparation tool. A new visual interface and landing page, team-based data preparation, and enhanced features for business analysts make it even easier to do the core tasks involved in data preparation. Blog

Additional releases


Compute Engine – self-managed encryption keys with Cloud Key Management Service: GA

Use Cloud KMS, a cloud-hosted encryption key management service, to protect Compute Engine resources such as disks, images, and snapshots. Documentation

例えばPersistend Diskなら、

gcloud beta compute disks \
  create encrypted-disk \
  --kms-key projects/[KMS_PROJECT_ID]/locations/[REGION]/keyRings/[KEY_RING]/cryptoKeys/[KEY]


Compute Engine – virtual workstations with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs: GA

Create virtual workstations for your graphics-intensive workloads using the NVIDIA® GRID® platform on Compute Engine. When you select a GPU for a virtual workstation, an NVIDIA® GRID® license is added to your instance. You can then connect to it using a remote desktop protocol. Documentation


Compute Engine – NVIDIA® Tesla® P4 GPUs: GA

Compute Engine now supports NVIDIA® Tesla® P4 GPUs for 3D visualization, deep learning, video transcoding, and high-performance computing. Documentation | Blog


Cloud Dataflow – turn off public IPs for worker nodes: GA

Better secure your data processing infrastructure by turning off public IPs in Cloud Dataflow. Using only private IP addresses also lowers IP-address consumption against your Google Cloud Platform project quota. Documentation

BigQuery Data Transfer Service: beta

Set up data loads from Cloud Storage into BigQuery that run automatically based on a fixed schedule. Data loads are triggered only when new data is detected. Documentation



Cloud Data Loss Prevention API – built-in infoType detectors: GA

This launch lets you create your own sensitive data detector by adding custom inspection rules. You can exclude or include values returned by the built-in infoType detector, create a new custom infoType from scratch, and define all the criteria that the DLP API should identify. Documentation


Firewall Rules Logging: beta

Audit, verify, and analyze the effects of your firewall rules with Firewall Rules Logging. For example, you can use logging to determine if a firewall rule designed to deny traffic is functioning as intended, or see how many connections are affected by a given rule. Documentation



Stackdriver – quota usage data: beta

Monitor your GCP quota usage through integration with Stackdriver. Create custom dashboards to monitor quota usage using the Stackdriver Monitoring Console and programmatically access quota usage data using the Stackdriver Monitoring API. Documentation



Cloud SQL Private IP: beta

We’ve added the most frequently requested Cloud SQL feature: the ability to connect to Cloud SQL instances using a private IP. To reduce network latency and improve security, use private connections to Cloud SQL instances from Compute Engine or Kubernetes Engine. Documentation



Cloud Asset Inventory API: beta

Use the Cloud Asset Inventory API to get a snapshot of the GCP resource and policy inventory for an organization or project. You can also archive logs for compliance auditing – or export metadata history to analyze changes to your assets. Documentation | GitHub


  "name": "//",
  "asset_type": "google.appengine.Version",
  "resource": {
    "version": "v1",
    "discovery_document_uri": "",
    "discovery_name": "Version",
    "parent": "//",
    "data": {
      "betaSettings": {
        "has_docker_image": "true",
        "module_yaml_path": "app.yaml",
        "no_appserver_affinity": "true",
        "use_deployment_manager": "true"
      "createTime": "2017-03-02T15:59:08Z",
      "deployment": {
        "container": {
          "image": ""
      "env": "flexible",
      "envVariables": {
        "ENV": "production"
      "id": "ver",
      "manualScaling": {
        "instances": 1
      "name": "apps/PROJECT/services/default/versions/ver",
      "resources": {
        "memoryGb": 1
      "runtime": "java",
      "runtimeApiVersion": "1.0",
      "servingStatus": "STOPPED",
      "threadsafe": true,
      "versionUrl": ""


Google Cloud Platform Enterprise Support: GA

Enterprise support offers 15-minute response times, 24/7/365 coverage for your most urgent needs, and a dedicated Technical Account Manager to provide a personalized support roadmap to help you maximize business value and minimize risk. Product page | Blog