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GCP updates | December 17, 2018

Posted on Dec 18, 2018


Cloud Security Command Center: beta

Monitor your cloud resources and quickly mitigate threats to them from a single, centralized dashboard. Track your cloud asset inventory, scan storage systems for sensitive data, detect common web vulnerabilities, and review access rights to your critical resources. Product page


Additional Releases


Cloud Functions – per-function identities: beta

This feature allows you to set service accounts on a per-function basis, so that each function is assigned the appropriate level of access. This helps you more easily manage permissions when multiple functions are accessing different resources. Documentation

Cloud FunctionsのFunctionごとにサービスアカウントを割り当てられるやつ。ありがたい。

Kubernetes Engine – usage metering: beta

You can now break down Kubernetes Engine cluster usage by namespace, label, or a combination of both. This helps you more easily manage multitenant clusters by tying usage to individual teams or business units within your organization. Documentation


Cloud Functions – environment variables: GA

Environment variables allow you to specify arbitrary key-value pairs during deployment, which will surface as literal environment variables accessible by your code at runtime. Environment variables are stored in the Cloud Functions backend and are bound to a single function. Documentation



Cloud Composer for Python 3: GA

Cloud Composer, a fully managed workflow orchestration service, based on Apache Airflow, now supports Python 3. You can create reliable Python 3–based Cloud Composer environments, then write new Python 3 workflows or lift and shift existing Python 3 workflows from local environments to Cloud Composer. Documentation

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Apigee Edge API Client Library for PHP: GA

Build your own fully customized developer portal with the Apigee Edge Client Library for PHP. Used in conjunction with your Apigee Edge module for Drupal 8, this allows your portal and your API management platform to communicate and keep your data synced. Documentation

Apigee Edge – Drupal 8 open-source module: beta

Drupal 8 provides a reliable open-source, enterprise-level content management system. This module allows you to build a fully customizable developer portal that includes API key management, role-based access control, and API documentation rendering. Documentation



Cloud Source Repositories – new user interface: GA

Cloud Source Repositories provides a place for teams to store, manage, and track code. This second release offers an updated UI, additional features, and private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Documentation



Cloud IoT Core – commands: GA

Now you can use Cloud IoT Core to send commands to devices. Commands are transitory, one-time directives sent to devices that are connected to Cloud IoT Core and subscribed to the commands topic. Documentation | Blog

Cloud IoT Core – device logging: GA

Cloud IoT Core now includes device logging to aid in troubleshooting and help you find information about device connections, errors, and other lifecycle events. The logs are configurable for use with millions of devices. Documentation


Google Cloud Platform – support for Firebase: beta

Firebase support is now available through the GCP support console. When this graduates to general availability, it will include target response times, technical account management for the enterprise tier, and more. Product page