GCP Updates | May 28, 2019

Posted on May 29, 2019



Anthos Config Management: GA

Manage configuration and enforce policy across your clusters – whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. Set a declarative configuration for role-based access controls, resource quotas, and Namespaces – all from a single place. Documentation | Blog

GitOpsみたいなことができるっぽいけどContact Salesになってる。。。


Kubernetes Engine – Intranode Visibility: beta

This feature makes all your network traffic visible to the GCP network. You can see flow logs for all traffic between Pods, including traffic between Pods on the same node. And you can create firewall rules that apply to all traffic between Pods. Documentation

Pod間のトラフィックに対してflow logとファイアウォールを有効にするもの。既存クラスタも有効にできる。

gcloud beta container clusters update [CLUSTER_NAME] --enable-intra-node-visibility


Compute Engine – reserving zonal resources: beta

Reserve VM instances in a specific zone to ensure they’re available for future increases in demand, such as planned or unplanned spikes, large migrations, backup and disaster recovery, or planned growth. You can create or cancel a reservation at any time, with no commitment. Documentation



Apigee Developer Portal – audience management and developer teams: beta

This release allows portal users to share responsibility for an app with other portal users, as well as segment individuals in order to control access to content. Documentation | Blog


AI Platform Notebooks: beta

This managed enterprise notebook service helps you get projects up and running in minutes. In one click, you can create instances in JupyterLab that come pre-installed with the latest data science and machine learning frameworks. The service is available through AI Platform in the Google Cloud Platform Console. Documentation


Firebase – shared iOS keychain: beta

Share authentication states across multiple apps or extensions on iOS. This allows users to sign in or out once and have the action apply across all apps that belong to the same access group. Documentation


GKE Sandbox: beta

Get increased security for your Kubernetes Engine containers – without added complexity. This managed service, based on the open-source project gVisor, is a container-isolation solution that provides a second layer of defense between your containerized workloads on Kubernetes Engine. Product page | Blog

GKEでgVisorが使えるやつ。GKE Sandboxを有効にしたNode Poolを新しく作ってPod templateでruntimeClassName: gvisorとすれば使える。 いろいろ制約があるみたいなので使うときは注意が必要ですね。